I stump my shoe hard on the wood floor and slam my hat down on the
floor, too! And think, damn, damn, damn! Can't somebody understand
simple logic! I'm no genus, what I keep telling people is just simple
logic, whatever happened to people with even a little perspective! Have
the welfare state destroyed even that!

Here it is again in a nut shell, I'm talking about the core problem, the
root problem, the heart of the matter, the eye of the storm or whatever
you call it. No amount of money or anything you do is going to save the
USA and our freedom as long as we have a super family provider welfare
state beast in control.

Nothing and I mean nothing as long as government is giving out money
and food stamps on an individual basis is going to save our economy
simply because that act alone kills the free market and drives inflation.
So, until the government is out of the family provider role 9-9-9 or any
revenue raising or anything else is going to saving our great nation.

A provider welfare state is like a giant snowball rolling down hill,
nothing is going to stop it. The more it takes in taxes the more it’s going
to need to feed its growing list of dependents, it feeds on itself, the
more it grows the more it demands in never ending new taxes. Look
what it has already done to the great USA, It has already almost totally
destroyed the African American nuclear family and the rest of the
country is not too far behind.

It has ripped our morals to threads where the word marriage now
means anything one want it to. And our culture has come to mean me
first, I want mine, I want it all, and on and on it goes. With a provider
welfare state more money simply means giving it more power to grow.

Feeding our welfare state beast is the root cause of jobs going overseas
and the other stupid things that is happening today. Behind it all in truth
is the liberals blind insane need to keep our provider welfare state beast
as their Lord and Master. Whether we admit it or not we all are slaves to
this beast. I rest my case, there is no reason to go on and on, if you don’
t get the point by now you never will.

Here is my blue print, Congress and the President must first, completely
get rid of the minimum wage. Next, void all regulations on businesses,
then add them back as needed. Next, establish government run
commissaries, housing, and clinics and use token or script to prevent
contaminating the nations free market economy. And finally,
government must stop giving out free money and food stamps to anyone
on an individual basis because that is what causes consume inflation
and destroys the free market.

Also, all government spending and burdens should be limited to
defense, treasure, state, interior, and only what the people can’t do for
themselves and collect taxes accordingly. In closing I suggest this blue
print be taken seriously as a guide only. I am only trailblazing a path,
with that I have done my duty.

I have no further control, may God bless this great nation. I am under no
illusions, I know this blue print will be totally ignored; one reason is
because U.S. Senators are no longer appointed by their states and the
people are no longer the sole family providers. In reality whoever is the
family providers actually rules and controls the country, it’s just that
simple in a free republic like ours. Cry me a river.

Now, in truth the welfare state has almost all of the real power. The
states and the people can piss and moan and bitch all day long, but that's
about all in terms of making real changes. Instead of the United States
senators being controlled by their state governor and congressmen they
owe their real loyalty to special interest. And the people owe their real
loyalty to who pays them, which is our welfare state with fewer and
fewer exceptions.