Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
Columnist Freddie L. Sirmans     
Comments on current events.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Sept. 17, 2006
I.  A sexual reason for becoming a vegetarian.
At the last minute I decided to share my attempt to become a vegetarian.  I have been trying to
become a vegetarian for a few years now.  At the present I am on course, but I can only hope
it will last. In the past I’ve always fell off the wagon.  But, sooner or later I always try again
because of the proven health benefits it personally gives me.  My problem is I’ve been a meat
eater all of my life and I just love southern fried chicken.  

Just one bite of fried chicken and it won’t be long before I’m off the wagon smacking on fried
chicken almost daily.  I decided to share some details of the vegetarian life style I’m currently
on that I developed.  Let me warn you, this is not for everyone.  One should always first check
with their own doctor for health guidance.  Everything I’m saying is my own opinion and I’m
only speaking for myself.  

As for me I want to get away from all of the hormones, antibiotics, and other stuff they are
giving the animals on these factory farms.  Today, in half the growth time of past years they
are growing chickens the size of a small turkey.  There is no doubt about it, I feel much better
and can tell the difference sex-wise and other-wise when I go the vegetarian route.  On the
vegetarian program when I cut way back on fats I don’t have to be too concerned about

I’m going to walk through one day in my life as a vegetarian.  First, the main thing about being
a vegetarian is how to get the proper amount of proteins?  However, I do include dairy
products like eggs and cheese in my eating life style.  I keep my intake of cheese very low
because of its sodium contents.  That leaves beans, eggs, and nuts as my main source of
proteins.  All of my life I’ve enjoyed eating peanuts until the last few years.  

Now, I can only occasionally enjoy a few because they upsets my stomach.  That leaves
pecans as the only nut I enjoy to keep around to snack on.  As for eggs, everyone knows
they are high in cholesterol and should be limited.  Beans ends up as a major source of
proteins anytime one doesn’t eat meat.  But, there is a problem with beans that causes a lot of
people to leave them alone, especially the elderly.  

The gas problem is what causes a lot of people to shy away from beans.  What a lot of people
don’t know is ninety percent of the gas in beans is in the liquid.  And if you get rid of the liquid
there is not much gas left.  However, the liquid is what gives them their seasoning and is
what most people like as a package.  Obvious, there is going to have to be a trade off.  Let me
inject this, in my cooking I try to cook as salt free as possible.  

That is why I prefer to use dry beans and cook them myself.  When cooking beans, I cook the
beans in plenty of water until they are completely done, but still firm.  Next, I rinse them in
cold water at least three times.  Also, I cook natural brown rice the same as the beans, done
and firm with three cold water rinses.  Then I mix the brown rice and beans together.  Since all
of the liquid is rinsed from the beans the next step is to provide a seasoning.  

I use chicken or beef bouillon granules to make a seasoning.  I mix two teaspoons of
granules in eight ounces of water then store in refrigerator until needed.  Bouillon granules
are very high in sodium so I always use as little mixture as possible on the food.  I store
broccoli and cauliflower in my freezer for ready use.  For can-goods, I buy the no salt added

I make a mixture of no salt added diced tomatoes, sweet peas, and mushrooms and store in
my refrigerator for ready use.  My normal breakfast:  I fry one or two eggs using olive oil, then
place on a plate.  Next, I put one half cup of old fashion oatmeal in a bowl, add two one half
cups of water, then add one half cup of my vegetable mixture and microwave five to six
minutes.  When done, I add some black pepper, some parkay squeeze, then mix and put the
oatmeal on top of the eggs and enjoy.  

My normal lunch: I microwave a cup or two of beans and rice, then Season with the bouillon
mixture when done.  Sometimes I bypass the sodium mixture and just add a little salt and
parkay squeeze instead.  I Place some frozen broccoli and cauliflower in a small pot, add just
a little water and olive oil, then bring it to a short boil for done.  Then I enjoy my meal, and to
hell with carbs.  Then I pig out on any desert I want, No problem.  That’s about It for a day in
my life as a vegetarian, I hope you found it interesting.  

About diabetes?  In my opinion the biggest problem with diabetes is fat intake.  Also, in my
opinion the meat we eat is driving diabetes because of the hormones, antibiotics, and other
stuff they feed the animals.  Feeding cows meat products is how mad cow disease got
started.  On some of these factory farms there are super microbes out of "The twilight zone"
that can hide in glass, steel, or anything thing known to man.  

Nothing can destroy these super bugs.  Its not talked about, but, when that much condensed
concentration of waste is in one place it's just too much for the environment to handle,
period.  In my opinion when most fat and modern meat are limited, carbs control is not
necessary.  When one limit fats and meats one can pop a few chromium tablets daily and pig
out on sweets and carbs if he wants to.  I know, I do it occasionally.  

Sure, after a big meal with a lot of carbs the blood sugar is going to go up, but it will quickly
drop back down if not much fat is included.  It is the fat that keeps it up and it is hard as hell to
get it back down.  That is why it takes medication to get it back down.  All I’m doing is
speaking my own personal opinion, some people’s body doesn’t even produce insulin, and
there are all kinds of reasons why one should always check with their doctor before trying

To pig out occasionally on deserts and sweets seems to be good for my sole.  However,
when I do pig out I mostly choose cinnamon buns or rolls and slap a slice or two of cheese
on.  The cinnamon tends to counteract a very high spike in blood sugar level.  

"We are what we think and eat." Hallelujah, praise the Lord.  

Late entry, October 18, 2006: I decided to add fish and seafood to my vegetarian menu.  It
beats falling completely off the wagon again.  Wish me good luck.                                         
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans October 14, 2006
I.  Can America Survive It’s Culture ignorance?
A lot of people think I’m a kook for stressing culture and the independent nuclear family unit
to the extreme.  I feel it is just sheer ignorance and a lack of understanding history for any
country to ignore the importance of culture.  I believe there is almost nothing innate about a
human being.  As a baby I believe we all starts with a clean slate.  Look at what happens with
a feral child, there is a window; if the child doesn’t learn to talk by age three to four it can’t
ever learn.  

All human behavior is learned one way or another.  If there is no outside influence and a
young child is told the moon is a big piece of cheese in the sky that is what he will grow up
believing.  Most of the things that shape a human being are done before the age of ten.  The
mother in the strong independent nuclear family unit is so important because she has the
patience and understanding to allow a healthy ego to develop in the very young.   

But, there must be a strong male somewhere in the picture to enforce discipline and make
sure the child is taught responsibility and accountability.  Otherwise, a lack of respect for
authority is the first casualty followed by moral decline and down hill from there.  Who do you
think is teaching the entire out of proportion black men in prison?  It is a lot of good intention
black mothers that mean well but is not enforcing responsibility and accountability.  

They don’t realize when they tell a kid fifty times “Don’t do that” they are teaching in reverse
disobedience and a lack of respect for authority.  The welfare state has all but destroyed the
independent black nuclear family unit.  Now, even if a man is in the home he most likely will
be a “Yes” man.  Here in the US. Most mothers teach their kids to share and respect all races
and religions.  But, in some parts of the world just the opposite is taught.   

A lot of people in the country wonder why the country is split right down the middle political
wise.  This is the liberal’s doing when they enticed the welfare state on this country.   They
have created a condition where one half is taking care of the other half.  One half doesn’t pay
income tax so it is only reasonable that they want bigger government and higher taxes.  The
half being cared for would like for the US to become a full socialist state.   

If history is any guide they may eventually succeed because there has never been a reversal
of a nation in a complete moral decline.  I hate to admit it but the liberals may have created
enough government dependents to eventually get their socialist state.  There is one small
window of hope left if only the US. Could privatize out of the welfare state, but politically
speaking that is not likely to happen.  

Those of us that values individual freedom and responsibility must realize that there is a
growing tide against us.  Anyone that thinks culture doesn’t really matter need only look at
what is happening in Iraq.  What is happening over there is a complete culture meltdown.  In
my view the only way order and sanity is going to be regained over there is the way Mother
Nature has always done it.  

Mother nature’s way of maintaining order is, order through raw brutal power and dominance.  
Then if you plant the seeds of democracy they will sprout and grow.  Instant American style
political correctness ain't gonna cut it over there.  If the US doesn’t have the stomach to do
what needs to be done, then delegate it.  To have order and sanity there must be law and a
respect for the law, otherwise people will behave like wild animals.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. October 20, 2006
I.  Why people really vote?
There is a simple reason around the world why a lot of people always vote.   The short
answer is if you don’t you may not have a job the next week.  In the US many people feel
nothing will really change, which is not really true.  There are a lot of changes, especially with
the judicial system.  All liberal politicians have one and only one goal, to support and grow
the welfare state, period.  

The liberals have enticed this welfare state on this great predominant Christian nation while
responsible people were setting out elections.  Why do you think politicians were able to
enact laws allowing businesses to set up shop over seas and ship products back into this
country with no penalty?  The main reason was to support and grow the welfare state.  The
second reason was they didn’t have much choice because the welfare state had to be fed.  

The mostly liberal politicians knew that big business could no longer survive the ever-
demanding bite of local taxes, state taxes, federal taxes, license fees, regulations, and all kind
of mandates.  So they had to provide an escape hatch for big business to survive.  Otherwise,
the US economy would have collapsed back in the early nineteen nineties.  I believe big
liberal media intentionally keeps the American public ignorant because they have the same
one and only goal as the liberals, to support and grow the welfare state.  

I believe they want to keep the public ignorant on what is really happening so the public
won't demand that we privatize out of this doomsday welfare state.  They don’t want you to
know that the US itself has become a sort of global welfare dependent.  They don’t want you
to know that the US economy would collapse overnight if we don’t get the sixty percent of
our oil from overseas.  

They don’t want you to know that if we pull out of Iraq we may not get the sixty percent of oil
we must have to survive, otherwise our economy would collapse overnight.  They don’t want
you to know that our manufacturing base is so scarce that many of our war machines have to
be imported.  It is all a hoax, it is a cotton picking lie; they don't want you to know that even
the liberal are not going to "Cut and run" out of Iraq.  They just want the grieving mothers and
the public to think they will so the liberals can harvest the masses of uninformed voters.

It is simple reasoning; this is not "Nam."  Anyone a little informed knows the US cannot
survive economically if the world's supply of oil from that region is lost.  I'm telling you, even
the liberals are not that shallow as to actually take that stupid risk; they just want the
uninformed public to think that they will.  All of this is happening while many of us sit out
voting and allows the liberals to continue to run their shell game without the pea.

I say go ahead and sit this election out, but, quit your bitching when the liberals double your
taxes and triple the size of this welfare state.  Go ahead and sit out voting this election while
many more illegals will be piling in to work while many able bodied Americans kick back in air
conditioning; watching TV At taxpayers expense.  Instead of big liberal media educating the
public on this nation's survival they are more interesting in Hollywood style smut.  

Most people vote on their emotion or their pocketbook they don’t really give a damn about all
of this smut and slime, if anything it turns them off and they blames big liberal media.  Sure,
scandals matter, but not nearly as much as the liberals would like to believe.  With all of this
going on I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if conservative got their sixty vote filibuster proof
senate and the house actually gained seats.  

The bottom line is if the conservatives sit out voting this election they may not only see their
taxes doubled, they soon may not have a completely sovereign state.  With all of the money
we owe, at some point the UN may be legally telling us what to do.

Give God the praise.                   
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. October 30, 2006
I. Showdown at high noon.
Concerning the Iraq situation:  Another way of looking at that situation is it could be a
blessing in disguise.  The situation forces the US and western Europe to face the cold steel
raw reality that the global world economy may not survive if western civilization doesn’t take
a stand somewhere. The US can’t lose in Iraq militarily but it can give up and flee.  Sooner or
later the US as leader of the free world was going to have to face a showdown at high noon
somewhere, anyway.  

“It’s fight or flight time.  We can’t have our cake and eat it to.  It’s time to s… or get of the pot.  
It’s do or die time.  Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.  All for one and one for all.  It is
the darkest hour right before dawn.  Remember the little engine that could.  Where there is a
will there is a way.  It’s not over til the fat lady sings.”       

Mean while, back at the camel corral western civilization has the advantage with the sun at
it's back.  What is taking place now is an all out knock down drag out brawl, the end all face
off at high noon is yet to take place.  The clock is ticking and the tumbleweeds are blowing
by.  The sun is blazing and high noon is approaching.  Who will be left standing?  Get the
women and children off the street to safety.  Who will blink first?  Will the west back down?  

It is sad that it has come down to this.  The west has two choices, face reality or get the hell
out of Dodge.  This town is no longer big enough for both ideologies.  It’s man or mice time,
which will it be?  It’s winner take all, who will it be?  The tension in the air is so intense you
can almost cut it with a butter knife.  It is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. Tick, tick; tick;
tock; high noon arrives, bang; bang only one shot finds it’s mark.  Now, we’ll just have to wait
and see who will still be left standing?                  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 05, 2006
I.  Disadvantages of being political all over the map.
Very seldom will I name a political party because I know there are still conservative
democrats as well as liberal republicans.  I must admit I am bias toward liberals because I
think most liberals are shallow and is the root cause of this doomsday welfare state we have
today.  As I observe the political climate today I see conservative not taking advantages of the
overwhelming political advantage they have on certain issues.  

Most of the issues that peoples really cares about are on the side of the conservatives.  But,
there is a very big obstacle blocking the conservative message, that obstacle is big liberal
media; their only goal is to preserve, protect, and grow the welfare state.  You don’t have to
believe me but in my view the American people are basically ignorant on this nations
survival.  Big liberal media will never tell the people that the liberals are not going to “Cut and
run” out of Iraq any time soon.   

Because in my view if the US leaves Iraq before it is stable it could collapse the US economy
and be the death of this country, that is something the liberal media will never tell the
American people.  They would rather see this country go down the drain than to help the
conservatives.  Because of the welfare state nearly half of the population today don’t pay
federal income tax and could care less if taxes are raised, in fact they welcome it.  Still, it is the
biggest issue the conservative have on their side.  

The next best issues the conservatives have on their side are high morals and national
security.  But conservatives are all over the map and are not using their advantage.  In my
view most of the political advertising being used is a waste of money and actually dilutes the
true conservative’s message.  Conservative politicians have bought into the political
pollsters Madison Avenue style techniques.  The problem with that method is it doesn’t make
sure the conservative message gets through big liberal media bias.

Getting into shouting matches and arguments on subjects all over the map with liberals only
muddies the water and work to their advantage.  As I see it the only way the conservatives
message is going to get through big liberal media bias is to use the “Pit bull technique.”  It
takes time to work, but it is deadly effective.   The “pit bull technique” is to take a simple
quote and lock down (bite) on it and never, never let up.  Stay with it no matter how boring it

Stay with it no matter how many times you hear “I know that”.  Stay with it no matter how
many times you hear “ I’ve heard that before”.  All of this other stuff and being all over the
map is secondary, when it all boils down, people will vote their strongest emotion or their
pocketbook.  The shorter and simpler the message the better.  Here are some example sound
bites:  “Who are going to raise your taxes?  You fill the blank”.  “Who are promoting loose
morals? You fill in the blank”.  Who are weak on national defense?  You fill in the blank”.  

It may not seem effective, but if a conservative lock down on some sound bites like one of the
above and never, never let up it will be deadly.  By asking a question, it begs an answer. The
people know the correct answer, it’s just that big liberal media drowns out the conservative
message with their own liberal agenda 24-7.                 
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 09, 2006
I. There is no wrath like high expectation denied and false hope.
Like it or not the American people have spoken.  And the good thing is the system works.  
But, my God what a folly of false hope and high expectation!  The biggest winner was really
big liberal media.  Big liberal media fulfilled their true mission of preserving, protecting, and
promoting the welfare state agenda.  Because of listening to big liberal media a great many of
the American people are chasing a falling star to find the pot of gold at the end of the

Like I’m doing, the liberal media will never tell the American people that the US and the
industrialized world cannot survive unless the oil in that whole Iraq region is kept in friendly
hands.   They will never admit the destruction that the welfare state has brought upon this
great predominant Christian nation.  In my view unless western civilization privatize out of the
welfare state it will soon be taking its last breath.  

It is beyond me.  I'm at my wits end.  Maybe I really am a kook, because for the life of me I can't
understand how in the hell anybody with real wisdom can see a secure future when our
culture is all but completely destroyed.  Our once strong independent nuclear family units  
are now latch key havens.  Our once thriving industrial base is now a pittance of what made
this country a great industrial giant.  And our capacity to barter to survive when our economy
collapses is almost nonexistent.  

There is no doubt in my mind it's going to collapse; I just hope it’s far enough into the future
that we will have come to our senses.  All of the above and the illegal immigration problem is
because of the welfare state.  I don't be believe we can survive much longer with this
doomsday welfare state.  Every tax increase ratchets up the inflationary spiral a little bit
higher and at the same time tightens the shrinking dollar buying power noose around our
neck just a little bit tighter, God help us.  

With food stamps and countless other social programs big government is already
subsidizing nearly all of the poor and many middle class as much as ninety percent.  The
load is already too heavy for big industry to survive here at home, this cannot be sustained
very much longer.  Everybody and his brother can't be taken care of by big government,
there will be nobody left to pay.  Wake up America and face raw reality before it is too late.  

It is so sad of liberals to brand me as a kook when I should be embraced as a guardian angel
trying to help save western civilization.  "Thy will be done."       
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 19, 2006
The O. J. Case, writer's Nov. 19, 2006 opinion:
Here I go again, commenting on something I know I have no business commenting on.  But,
what the heck, everybody else on radio and TV seem to be freaking out on it, why can’t I
throw in my two-cent?  

Long before the trial begins when I heard the 911 tapes concerning domestic abuse; I knew
then O. J. was guilty and doomed in the eyes of the larger population.  I’m still not one
hundred percent sure one way or the other on his guilt or innocent.  

Anyone that knows anything about crime knows that murder is one of the hardest crimes of
all to cover up.  In this day of modern forensic science very few actually gets away with

The fact is, most people tend to believe what they want to believe, and then if you couple that
with racial emotionalism you can forget about reasoning and objectivity.  My own biggest
problem with the whole thing is the time line.  One would have be Superman to do all of that
killing and catch a plane less than 30 minutes later.

When you have blood all over the place the killer must be drenched in blood, but less than a
teaspoon was found in the white carpeted get away vehicle.  Even with a change of clothes I
don’t believe thats possible.  

Just think about it, to rush out of bloody clothes without remaining bloody is no easy task.  
Then supposedly he rushes back into the getaway vehicle with a bag of bloody clothes and
dispose of them with no trace.

Also, what about composure and clear thinking in a mad emotional killing rush, one would
have to be super human to do all of the above within the time line given without countless
bloody slip ups.  It was less than thirty minutes later when he boarded a plane with normal
composure just like he never even broke a sweat.  

I just don’t know, I still have much reasonable doubt about the whole time line?  I didn’t write
this article to try to change anyone's mind, this case is far too emotional for that.  I just
wanted to throw my two-cent in along with everyone else.

PS: Even now, one of the most dangerous things in the world is to do genuine in depth
investigative reporting into the O. J. case; it is still far too dangerous.   

From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 22, 2006
I.  Let the Liberals do their thing.
If the liberals are so dead set on doing for the poor let them build government services off to
the side and stop destroying the national economy by fueling inflation.  As long as they are
off to the side let them have government run commissaries, hospitals, or whatever to keep
the poor alive, but stay the hell away from giving any cash money or food stamps to the poor
or corporations for anything, period. Then that will save this country from economical doom
from ever increasing inflation.

Let them issue tokens to the poor that can only be used in the poor folks commissaries,
hospitals, or houses but the tokens must be completely separated from the US currency.  
Then we will be able to stop this insane inflationary spiraling thats choking off the middle
class.  Get the hell rid of food stamps because they also are tied to and inflating the US
currency.  And the government shouldn't handout free money to anyone unless they are
employed by the government; otherwise issue them tokens.  

This is a way every city should be able to set up it's own system and issue tokens to it's poor
without inflating the national economy.  At the very least a test case should be run in a large
city to see if it works.  A scale will be needed so every poor person wouldn't get the tokens
free.  This is one way to take care of the poor and decentralize the welfare state; thereby
saving the national economy from spiraling inflation that is destroying our middle class and
sending our jobs over seas.  

Sure, I hear all of the praise about our booming economy and I don’t disagree.  Yes, we have
a booming economy all right, but in my view it is like a booming runaway train headed toward
a cliff.  Unless this runaway inflationary spiraling that is killing off our middle class is checked
our way of life is not going to be around much longer.  

It is a simple fact; you cannot have inflation unless the government gives out free taxpayer
money on an individual basis.  That is what started this ever increasing unending inflationary
spiraling.  You can never have a normal free market when the government is giving
individuals money to drive up prices and increase the cost of living.  My God!  Stop it!  While
we still can, the nations survival is at stake.      

I'm hell bent on trying to help save our economy and western civilization, somebody needs to
step up.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Dec. 1, 2006
I.  Only the strong survives
Guess what happens when a country becomes too dependent minded and feminized?  Too
many of its people want to “High tail it, cut and run, head for the tall grass, run for the hills, get
out of dodge,” or some other metaphor when the goings gets rough.  A wise man was once
asked, if he had to pick only one truth in life above all others what would it be?  He replied,
“There are no free rides ultimately somebody pays one way or another.”  

In my view, It is pay up time for this nation, we’ve had our spending spree welfare state free
ride.  Now, it's pay the piper in blood or lights out for the nations economy and survival.  Just
keep on listening to the shallow irresponsible liberal media, and we all will be up s... creek
without a paddle.  A lot of people naively believe that we can flee out of Iraq and get back to
life as usual.  I don’t think so; I believe that is a pipe dream.  

I believe the US. Is locked in an economical and ideological life or death struggle.  “There will
be no safe retreats or rest for the weary.  The die has been cast.”