Columnist Freddie L. Sirmans,
Sr. Comments on current events.
Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  August 05, 2005
I.  Can the U.S. survive without English as the official language? No.
I know more and more I sound like a broken record by being hung up on the same "The sky
is falling" drum beat.  Here it is again.  Folks, lets face it the only way to save this great nation
is to elect people who will privatise big government out of it's super provider role.  Time is
winding down.  Maybe we as a nation are in denial or just doesn't know what it is going to
take to survive the coming troubled times.  

I know my cries are falling on deaf ear when I sound like chicken little with my constant
harping on our lack of ability to survive an extended crisis.  Maybe I am not all there, I can't
help it if I feel it to the core that we must prepare for the worst.  Sure, in sheer brute military
power no nation on earth comes close to our might.  But, nothing is going to save us from
ourselves and keep us united as a nation, except privatising big government out of it's
provider role.  

Am I the only one gravely concerned about our ability to survive if the world's economy
collapses?  Life itself is a cycle.  It's going to collapse, no one know when, but I will assure
you sooner or later a rebirth cycle must take place.  That is why the nuclear family system and
a bartering capacity is a must, otherwise there are no seeds to grow anew.  Even though no
nation have ever reversed a course into total destruction, I will never give up hope on this
great nation being saved.  

The reason the people can't stop anything is because the people are not in charge anymore.
The shallow minded liberals unknowingly with good intention created this super family
provider monster we have today.  Sure, we must have a strong government, but never a
family provider government because whoever is the family provider is the undisputed boss.

Once government takes over the family provider role and is able to call all of the shots there is
no stopping or controlling it, The citizens are not going to vote to bite the hand that feeds
them no matter how high taxes goes, or stop anything else.  Before the "New deal" there was
no way the people would have stood for what is taking place in this country today.  That is
why I keep trying to get it through thick sculls that unless big government is privatised out of
it's super family provider role this nation is doomed.  

Just look at what is taking place, our manufacturing base have left the country, a secure
border is a joke, and there is no official national language to keep us united.  You tell me.  
How can this nation survive?  Anyone with an once of wisdom should be able to see that we
are headed toward total disaster if nothing is done to reverse this.  Circumstance is going to
soon bring it all to a head sooner than we think.  

We have almost no strong nuclear family foundation left or bartering capacity.  Plus, nothing
is being done to correct this.   It is insanity.  Just the opposite is being done.  I see all of the
volunteer groups building homes and making women more and more independent without a
man in the picture.  They call it doing good and helping the poor, and on the surface for the
shallow minded it does seem like a good thing.  

That is the major problem today, the good life have produced hoards of people with no
wisdom.   I'm here to tell you, that anything that doesn't promote the need for man and
woman to have a survival need for each other is destructive, period.  Sure, the overwhelming
majority will think that I'm uncaring and lacks compassion, and they would be right if we
forever lived in good times.  

But, the real caring and compassion is to be prepared to survive through the worse of times
and it can't be done without man and woman tied to each other through a survival need.  
Today there is no penalty for being independent, especially with uncle sugar paying the bills.
Almost everybody is independent, the handicapped, and everybody else.  I believe it is a
crime against survival.  So, what is my problem?  I don't have a problem, I have a question.  

How is the country and all of these independent people going to survive without a strong
nuclear family system when money becomes worthless and almost no one has anything to
barter with?  You tell me this can't happen and I will tell you I'm looking at a fool.  We can only
pray that this will never happen, but with the way this government is spending money like it's
going out of style, It's not as far fetched as it may seem.  

May the grace of God save this great nation.                   
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  August 04, 2005
I. Why were threating beliefs so feared way back in history?
As a writer just setting back observing the world's stage, more and more I'm beginning to
think human survival is going to boil down to a matter of culture.  In my view raw human
nature has changed very little in five thousand years, people are just as superstitious,
gullible, and programmed as ever.  I'm beginning to understand why way back in history they
were so hard on heretics and things dealing with beliefs.  

I'm not condoning past behavior in any way, I'm just trying to understand the why of things.  
Make no mistake about it, back then they understood just how dangerous threating beliefs
could become.  Today, far too many people have bought into this nutty idea that we no longer
need a giant melting pot.  The giant melting pot will work just fine as long as new comers are
forced to assimilate, but a time bomb is planted when new comers won't assimilate and
promotes their own culture and beliefs.  

We in the industrialized world may think we are so advanced and sophisticated, but judging
from past history we don't know nothing.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 30, 2005
I. Why let our prison system be a revolving door?
Well, one solution to help stop our prisons and other institutions from being a revolving door
is to give positive thinking a chance.  Almost everyone that goes to prison will come out
meaner, harder, or badder than when went in.  Something can be done about changing this
behavior.  We know that positive thinking will change behavior.  So, lets do something and
stop pussyfooting around.  

The proven thing about positive thinking is it really works.  It doesn't work over night, but if
one stays with the repeating process in time it will change behavior.  It works by repeating a
single quote to one's self a minimum of fifty(50) times per day.  The foolproof thing about the
process is it matters not weather ones agrees or believes the quote will work.  The behavior
change will still happen so long as the quote is repeated long enough.  

I think every prison should start a volunteer program for positive thinking behavior, if nothing
more than to just test and experiment for results.  Sure, for human rights purpose something
like this must be strictly voluntary.  Still, the critics are going to scream and holler, but as long
as it is voluntary, tough titty.  To be most effective only one quote should be used within a
one year period and it should be fairly short and to the point.  Make joining the program some
kind of a benefit.  

The normal positive thinking, repeat a quote to yourself process cannot be trusted to work
on prisoners.  So, the only thing to do is have the positive thinking quote spoken orally by
each participant.  The more times per day a positive thinking quote is repeated the faster the
process works but too many times a day is too much of a chore and not practical.  A
reasonable fifty(50) times per day minimum seems to work best.  

On a limited basis a test and experimental program should be tried first.   Here is a good
quote that could be used to start off a program.  Recite the following quote orally a minimum
of fifty(50) times per day, "I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me."(
For extra
kick repeat "I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me through God who strengthen me").  
Remember, it
may take six months or longer to start working, that is why it is so important not to quit in less
than six months.  

What makes this a very good changing behavior quote is it promotes forgiveness.  There is
no greater healing power and peace of mind on earth than the power and ability to forgive.  
Folks, just think about it, we are losing so many young men to the prison system at a higher
and higher cost.  Something needs to be done, this may not be practical, but its worth given a
try.   We the people are paying the cost to be the boss.                 
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 28, 2005
I. When will the people vote back people control of our nation?
Believe it or not, culture is more important than the economy for long term survival.  With a
strong culture a nation can survive even an economical collapse.  But, when a nation's
culture goes it can't survive hardly any extended crisis, and it's days are numbered.  A nation
is doomed unless it will privatise out of people being dependent on government for their only
survival, because all governments go broke sooner or later.

When government is no longer the provider people will be forced to depend on the nuclear
family, the extended family, the church, the community, community organizations, and lastly
on the government.   Sure, the government should provide community shelters and
community kitchen to keep the truly needy alive, nothing else, period.  To the unwise that
may seem cold, hard, and uncaring.  Wrong, that is only tough love because that is the only
thing that is going save this great nation whether you agree or not.  

I will stake my life on it, we are doomed unless this nation can restore a strong culture.  
Otherwise, there is very little hope when troubled times hit.  It is natures law of average that
life is not going to be rosy forever.  I plead, cry, scream, shout, holler, and beg to my beloved
nation, take heed to my stress calls to the wise.  May the grace of the all mighty God save this
great nation.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 21, 2005
I.  How much peace and prosperity do we have left?
( I understand why I'm written off as some kind of a nut, extremist, right winger or even worse,
but, I believe I was chosen to sound this alarm to which no one seems to be listening.  This
role has all but destroyed me, yet, I am a driven man.  My critics may be right, but, I dislike
gambling because I dislike losing.  Why gamble on survival.)

Sure, almost any cock-eyed economical system will work for approximately eighty to a
hundred years, but then reality sets in and it's pay up time.  That is the condition the U.S. and
most of the world are in today.  Today a currency doesn't really guarantee anything, because
it's not tied to anything of physical value.  A real genuine currency must be directly tied to
something of physical value, and that something of physical value must be directly tied to
human labor or some type of energy.  

What we have today is a false inflated system that have promoted the destruction of our
culture and our means to survive in times of severe crisis.  This was done by removing the
human struggle and discipline needed to survive.   Our super family provider government
using  inflated wealth have created a nation of do-for-me dependents.  Now, we are left with
almost no strong nuclear family foundation or bartering capacity to survive in times of an
extended severe crisis.

Sure, I'm talking cold-steel hard, but in my mind it's the God in heaven truth and it needs to be
said.  When this system starts to collapse it will be too late, it will be a domino effect and we
have no plan B fall-back self sustaining strong nuclear family system or bartering capacity to
prevent total chaos.  With few exceptions, no one has anything to barter with, our food
supply is sometimes hundreds of miles away on factory farms.

We must privatise big government out of it's super family provider role so the people can
relearn the discipline and the struggle on how to survive in times of an extended severe
crisis, with or without money, period.  People keep thinking I must be crazy wanting to get rid
of big government helping the poor, the poor can't make it as it is now.  Most people think
without government help there would be people starving and the poor would be far worse off.

Sure, I agree the government should provide something like community kitchens and
community shelters to keep the genuine needy alive, but never nothing more.  Anyone that
thinks that the poor would be worse off if the government got completely out of its super
provider role is dead wrong.  That is flawed thinking and is the way most people in America
today thinks.  

The poor and the country would be far better off and would have far more buying power if the
government was completely out of the family provider business.  Without the government in
the family provider business ones survival would depend on himself, his family, his extended
family, his church, and community organizations.  That is how civilizations has survived with
or without money for over two thousand years.  

When the government becomes a social provider and gets into the family provider business
two main destructive things begin, first, the beginning destruction of the need for the nuclear
family, second, a beginning unending economical inflationary spiral.  To sum it up, in my one
man's opinion, for the life of me, I simply cannot see this country surviving as long as big
government holds on to it's super family provider role, period.            

Lord please save the United States Of America.        
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 16, 2005
I.  Why a nice, polite, normal unsuspecting individual
may turns out to be a suicide bomber?
I decided to weigh in and try to shine some light on this subject.  The human mind is far too
complex for anyone to predict one hundred percent what a person will do in any given
situation.  But, there are profiles that can be very useful to a high degree.  I'm not any kind of
expert or sort, I'm just a writer with a lot of common sense.  I've noticed one key word that is
always present in people that commit terrible and heinous crimes.   

That word is
unforgiveness.  The words forgiveness and unforgiveness may seem like just
any two simple words but they are not.  The ability to forgive is the only thing that will defuse
the negative emotions in our character.  The negative emotions in our character such as
anger, jealousy, spite envy, hate, and revenge can only be defused with the ability to forgive.   
Look at domestic abuse cases, one will kill and then kill himself.  

Ones religion or culture is not the cause, the cause is unforgiveness fueled by ideology,
jealousy, spite, hate, envy, or revenge.  Remember all behavior is learned one way or another.
 I believe we all have surface beliefs and deep or strong beliefs.  I believe beliefs and memory
works hand in hand.  We all know that data that is not stored in our long term memory is soon

I think it is the same way with our beliefs, in order for something to become a deep and strong
belief it must be repeated over and over long enough to be instilled in long term memory.  
Then it will become an almost unshakable  belief.  Almost every family knows that common
sense, love, and tough talk will not get through to a stray family member unless that member
wants to change.  Most western cultures teach their young tolerance, acceptance, and
forgiveness toward other races, religions, and cultures.  

But, some other cultures tend to teach their young more of a tribal or clannish type of
behavior.  Today when you see a nice polite normal individual that turned out to be a suicide
bomber, everyone is shocked and so surprised, but, remember that individual already had a
lack of trust and forgiveness for outsiders.  Lacking trust and forgiveness for outsiders alone
will not make one a suicide bomber, but it does leave one more vulnerable to idealogs.  

Then, all a idealog has to do is fuel that lack of trust and forgiveness by blaming over and
over all of that individuals short comings on outsiders and exploiting that individuals envy,
spite, anger, jealousy, or hate to demand his sense of justice and revenge.  Those with strong
radical views don't get them overnight.  But a new positive out look can be relearned, it just
takes a long time.  

It may take six month to a year but any quote repeated over and over will eventually change
behavior.  If one want to gain the ability to forgive, just repeat over and over to ones self fifty
and more times each day, "I can forgive anything or anybody, or I can wish all people
goodwill no matter how they treat me."            
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 14, 2005
I.  Can survival be drummed into thick sculls?
Folks, I dislike this role of being a spoil sport, doom sayer, party wrecker or some other
negative connotation.  But, I must keep beating the drums because when it comes to the
economy it's perspective, perspective, perspective, balance, balance, balance,and more
balance.  My writing seems to be some unknown foreign tongue or something because very
few people seem to have the slightest idea what I keep harping on concerning the economy.  

I keep trying to get it through thick sculls that the economy is not something isolated out
there operating all alone.  I believe the economy and culture are one unit with separate parts.  
I believe the economy could be paved with gold and booming out of sight, but it is still all for
nought when the culture is rotten to the core and shot all to hell.  I keep screaming and
hollering vote in people that will privatise big government out of it's super family provider

I believe that is the only thing that will bring people back to the basics and enable the people
to survive without money or government help long enough to regroup.  Otherwise, when
faced with hunger and other survival struggles we will turn on each other and there will be
chaos.  Still, ain't nobody listening.  Sometimes I wish I could just give it up, quit and walk
away, but, I'm just not made that way, I don't know how to quit trying.  Maybe it's just me, I just
don't know anymore, All I know is I don't know how to quit writing about the dire state of our

Sure, I see all of the eggs going more and more into one basket by building an all powerful
domestic force, which is a good thing.  But, no matter how powerful our force is, it is still a
paid forced.  What about the grass roots?  What will happen if money is worthless  and there
is no pay?  I believe we as a nation must be prepared to survive under all conditions even if
money is worthless and we have to barter to survive.  

Surviving is being able to take the hardest punch and keep on fighting for survival as
individuals and as a unit, not waiting and depending on others to take care us.  May the grace
of God be with America.       
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 13, 2005
I.  Will the selling off of America's wealth enslave us?
There is an old saying that says "Beggars can't be choosy."  In my view that is what our big
government super family provider role has reduced this great predominant Christian nation
to.  The hard working tax payers has to stand by and watch the country's wealth being sold
off lock stock and barrel.  There is nothing we tax paying citizens can do to stop it, unless we
have the wisdom and the will to vote in people who will privatise big government out of it's
calling the shots super family provider role.  

Otherwise, the citizen's fate will stay solely in the hands of our globalist best interest big
government.  I believe the possibility exist that at some point we may face a world war over
oil.  God save the USA.    
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 10, 2005
I.  Can Africa survive Handouts?
This subject reminds me of the vacationing tourist that walked up to a local that had his feet
propped up and was kicked back under a tree.  The tourist asked the man, "Why don't you
get up and get a job?"  The local said, "For what?"  "To make money."  "Make money for
what," said the local?  "So you can relax, enjoy yourself, and take it easy later in life."  The
local said, "Why bother I'm already doing all that."  

The point I'm trying to make is what really matters in life is food, shelter, and the basics for a
comfortable life.  It matters not if one makes a hundred dollars a day if one can't afford
enough food, shelter, warmest, and the basic comforts of life.  In my view protecting the
culture and producing enough food to survive should always be the first priorities for any
country.  The surest way to destroy any country is to take away it's struggle to survive,

When the struggle to survive goes, so goes individual accountability and responsibility
followed by disrespect for authority, moral decay, crime, drug, and on and on.  In my view any
poor country that have great wealth in natural resources or by any other means should use a
dual track economy.  What I mean by dual track is always keep the great wealth income
completely separated to be spent only on infra structural, and never to be use for handouts.  

In fact stay away from hand outs, period, if you want to save your culture.  I don't believe
there is a poor country anywhere that couldn't feed itself on it's own if the government would
allow producers to keep ninety percent of all profit.  There would be entrepreneurs springing
up almost overnight to fill the need, but those governments would never keep hand off higher
taxes, no way.  

Education does matter because in parts of Africa all of the trees have been cut down for
heating and cooking.  Now erosion and encroaching deserts have become a problem.  I'm
not pretending to have the answer to Africa or any other country's problems, but I do know
unhindered incentive is the thing most needed in Africa and in all poor countries.  As for Aids
in Africa and everywhere, the wisest thing is to flee from temptation.  

Stay away from certain situations because when the time is right you may not care.  It's
education, education, education then flee, never try to be superman or superwoman.  
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  July 04, 2005
I.  Was Amendment XVII to the U.S. Constitution a mistake?
Folks, lets face it the core problem concerning the judicial confirmation process is the
seventeenth amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  It took several decades to catch up with us
but the effect is here now in full force.  The only real solution is to repeal the seventeenth
amendment.  Of course ain't no body listening and it ain't gonna happen.  Now, the U.S.
Senate is completely politicised and the Judicial confirmation process is even more

Today in the eyes of special interest groups the appellate courts and the supreme court are
rulers and dictators.  To special interest it is all political, that is why the liberals are going to
fight to the last man or woman on every original concept nominee.  It's only going to get more
and more fierce.  Lord help us.