Columnist Freddie L. Sirmans,
Sr. Comments on current events.
Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
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From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Oct. 21, 2007
I.  Why talk radio is hate radio to some?
More and more I am hearing people refer to talk radio as hate radio.  Finally, I’ve decided to
comment on the matter.  Sure, there is some hate talk on talk radio, but, there is also divine
love talk on talk radio, too.  And by far most of the talk on talk radio is positive and good for
America.  I also think political labeling such as liberal and conservative should be put in
perspective.  I’m basically conservative on most issues, but, overall I consider myself to be a

Most people as they grow older and experience life’s struggles they will naturally grow more
conservative.  But, almost no one will be liberal or conservative on every issue.  Just because
one says he is a conservative doesn’t make it so.  There are people out there on talk radio
parading as conservative, but in my view is actually opportunist.  A true conservatives can be
one of the most hard tough disciplinarian there is and seemingly without pity, but what you
won’t find is:  Is a sadist bone in his body.  

There are people on talk radio that have some true conservative views but overall lack
genuine love and compassion.  A fact is, one can do all of the good in the world but if it is not
done with genuine love and compassion it will never have lasting appreciation.  Concerning
the word hate, there is a survival need for all emotions including hate, but, the overall purpose
for hate is to destroy.  In my view hate and unforgiveness is behind all mental illness.  

When you keep hate in your heart it will destroy you as well as anything else it can.  About
wisdom, wisdom and intelligence are two different things.  I believe wisdom is the ability to
recognize dangers to survival.  There are cases of young teens laughing while being taken to
jail, because of a weak survival instinct due to not having any discipline in the home.  
Struggles over time as we age teach most of us the wisdom how to recognize survival needs
and threats.  

But, age and time is not the only teacher.  Through trauma an indelible stamp of threats and
dangers can be imprinted on the minds of abused children and they may show the wisdom of
a sixty year old.  It can really shock you how a child as young as age three or four can
constantly say things so wise.   However, the real secret to life is balance and perspective,
though.  Any uncompromising conservative or liberal is an extremist whether he agrees or

As for hate crimes, I think the hate crime law enacted is one of the dumbest ideas the liberals
ever came up with.  I think the law is reverse racism and sexism in itself.  Will the law ever be
used to convict a black man for killing a white man, never?  Who in the hell can truly know
what is actually hidden inside the mind of anyone.  If someone is chanting “I love you man”
while carving you with cold steel, is the pain any different from him chanting “I hate you

I just feel the law should stay equal under all conditions because when you start down that
road the law becomes political, and guess who is going to lose in the end?  As for
prostitution, I know I’m way out in left field on that and as about as far away as you can get
from established Christian teaching.  But, as a realist and objective thinker I believe my
reasoning on this matter is valid.  I believe that anyone that thinks that prostitution can be
gotten rid of is just plain naive and doesn’t understand human nature.  

I believe prostitution is a venting mechanism and necessary sin.  I believe the reason we have
pornography everywhere and all kinds of child molesters and perverts is because men that
are ugly, handicapped, undesirable, unmarried, antisocial, etc. can’t find legal means to vent
sexual energy.   Plus, since the come about of the welfare state, women no longer have a
survival need for a man, especially an undesirable one.  

The build up of sexual energy is no fantasy, it is real and physical, and society is going to pay
dearly one way or another if this energy is not vented in a harmless way.  The sexual drive to
procreate is the strongest urge in all of nature and can’t be just sweep under the rug and
ignored without severe side effects.  That said, the Romans and other ancient societies
realized centuries ago that the wisest thing was to tax it and regulate it.  

Enough said on that subject.  Now, why is talk radio considered hate radio to some?  The
main reason is the liberals see talk radio as the enemy because most of the talk is against big
government and the welfare state.  The liberals see government as the great white father
provider and is not going to take kindly to anyone bad mouthing him, period.  The liberals
think talk radio want to take food out of the mouths of children and take the scooter carts
away from old folks, which of course is not true.  

In fact, the liberals see anyone against big government as the enemy and a hater.  As a writer,
the liberals feel I must be a hater, otherwise why would I be so against big government and
the welfare state?  I tell them the country should be prepared to survive even if the economy
collapses and the government doesn’t have any money.  And I believe money is about to
become worthless.  Then I’m seen as a nut case, because almost no one can even conceive
of the unthinkable.  

Almost everyone sees the federal government as omnipotent and that it will always be there
to take care of everybody, wrong.   I know different, everything the government has comes
from the people, or tariffs.  I think it is cruel for any government to make masses upon masses
of people dependent on it for the sake of power, when all of these people are going to be left
stranded with no skills to survive when money is worthless and the government can't help

To me that is an unforgivable crime that is going to cost millions upon millions of innocent
dependent lives someday.  I have no power to stop it, except to try to sound the alarm, glory
be to God, I’m doing what I can.  That is why with all of my handicaps I try so hard to stress
the need to rebuild the nuclear family, then everything else will falls into
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Oct. 24, 2007
I. A Survival Plan If The $Dollar collapses

With my great wisdom I felt a need to submit a last resort economical survival plan in case the
dollar actually goes down.  It is out of my control if no one listens or discard me as a nut case,
I did my duty.  What I’m about to say may be self-serving, but I’m going to say it anyway.  I
believe talent and ability is like a liquid, it will eventually seek its own level.  You can put liquid
in a pipe that goes up, down, sideways, or where ever, but that liquid will eventually settle to
equal level across no matter the pipes shape.  

Even ancients builders understood that.  I think talent and ability is the same way.  You see it
when someone becomes famous overnight and you never hear from them again.  And other
times when someone is seemingly famous overnight and you learn they have been out there
toiling away over twenty years or more.  However, there is one main requirement needed for
lasting success, said best, “Quitters don’t win and winners don’t quit.”  That is why
“Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.”  

That is why when you stand and “Face your fears mighty forces will come to your aid”
(paraphrased).  It is said in the bible, “Slay the dreamer and then let’s see what happens to his
dreams” (paraphrased).  So, when I’m called a nut case and countless things are thrown in
my path, I have no reason to fret.  I know that if what I write is truly nutty and insane, then I
really am a nut and will be forever ignored, Otherwise, "All the kings’ horses and all the kings’
men won’t be able to keep my great writing a secret forever (paraphrased)."  

I can no longer sit still and do nothing knowing this country stands to lose a hundred million
or more people if the dollar goes down, totally.  My proposed last resort economical survival
plan is designed to be used by the federal government only as a last resort to prevent total

I’m only a private citizen with no connections or inside information.  I’m sure the federal
government has emergency contingency plans of its own in case the dollars gets into severe
trouble.  But, the government is going to totally rely on the federal emergency management
agency (FEMA).  FEMA’s reliability is totally dependent on the effectiveness of its paid
employees, but who knows what will happen if they are not being paid.  

As far as I’m concerned, they are no guaranteed backup if the dollar goes down and becomes
almost worthless.  Also, I think what the globalist has in mind is to depend on outside help
even as far as to bring in NATO troops to maintain order.  However, I got news for the
globalist, the US is still the economic engine of the world and if the dollar goes down the
global economy goes down with it.  

It will be every nation on its own fighting for its own survival.  Of course, I hope I’m wrong on
any bad things happening.  In my view all of the sign are beginning to merge and I believe the
dollar is in very serious trouble.  We are truly in uncharted waters and with years of out of
control big government spending, the economist and no one else knows what’s going to

I believe the dollar is going to collapse, the question is how much more time do we have
before it happens.  Now, all of that being said, it’s time to submit my last resort economical
survival plan.  The only purpose for my plan is to prevent total chaos from destroying
everything.  It assumes that the dollar is practical worthless and FEMA and law enforcement
personnel are not being paid.  

It assumes that the people are hungry and rioting in the streets.  It assumes that mass civil
unrest is taking place.  Only now is the time for the federal government to execute my last
resort economical survival plan.  Let me say up front, if anyone else has a better plan, good.  
So, here goes my plan.  It involves dispensing an emergency physical currency to the

The currency itself will be its value, and not dependent on any government backup.  Gold
must be used, and possibly some silver.  I’m sure the US treasure has enough gold bars at
Fort Knox and some of the Federal Reserve banks to suffice.  Next, mint very small gold coins
the size of a dime or even smaller.  Since its value will be in the coin itself, I believe its best not
to put a denomination on it, just stamp US gold and let it seek its own value.  

This emergency economical plan is not design to be a cure all; it is only a temporary survival
fix.  Lastly, billions upon billions of these coins should be minted and stored around the
country to be dispense to the people only in case of totally chaos.  That’s it, concerning my
plan to prevent totally chaos.  If someone else has a better plan, please step up, then mind
can be disregarded.  Thanks for taking the time to hear me out.  

May God bless and keep the great United States of America always.                
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Nov. 01, 2007
Water-boarding! Water-boarding! Water-boarding! My God!

I’m so sick and tired of hearing about water-boarding.  I know the US has freedom of speech
and freedom of the press listed in the constitution.  But, I can’t think of a single country in the
history of mankind that aired all of its dirty laundry in pubic.  As far as I’m concerned this is to
the extreme, and living in any extreme is shallow and counterproductive, period.  That is
what's happening with this water-boarding issue.  

Personally, I would never say never, but it shouldn’t matter what I and ninety nine percent of
all Americans think.  In my view only an idiot would refuse to use the technique if it would
save the lives of 300 million Americans citizens.  This is just another example of shallow
minded liberal thinking.  As for the mostly liberal media, common sense has long flew the
coop with them.  

Common sense will tell a wise man that sometimes it’s best to “Let sleeping dogs lie and only
fools rush in where wise men refuse to go (paraphrased).”  Sure, we have free speech and a
free press but we also have a republic form of government, too.  That means we elect people
and trust them to make responsible decisions for us and for the country.  For God sake, let
the leadership decide this hot button issue at the highest level and get it the hell out of the
public limelight.  

Opinions are like a…. holes, we all have one.  You can’t have five hundred and thirty five
people running anything.  It’s like “Having too many cooks in the kitchen or too many chiefs
and not enough Indians.”  It is said that "You can never be a good leader if you don't know
how to follow."  There is no absolute one way to do things in life, life is all about common
sense, perspective, and being able to adapt, otherwise you perish, except for this temporary
welfare state.  Amen.         
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. Nov. 12, 2007
I. The so called war on drugs is a Joke.
I see where they are reducing the punishment for using crack cocaine.  I’m going to say up
front and not beat around the bush, unless a death sentence is enacted for big time drug
lords we can forget about even slowing down the illegal drug trade.  As to all of the users,
why feed and house all of these people, just bring back flogging and send them on their way.  
But, oh no!  We are too civilized for that.  

Otherwise, the US is going to end up like some of the third world countries where it is too
dangerous for a decent citizen to utter a cross word.  I may be wrong, but I can’t understand
how drugs can be in the prisons and almost everywhere without a lot of corruption.  We have
the death sentence for many crimes and I can’t think of anything worse than destroying the
hopes, dreams, and lives of so many of our young.        
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Nov. 19, 2007
Will the Euro trump the dollar?
I see where more and more people are beginning to flee the dollar and run to the Euro for
financial security.  It may be a case of jumping out of hot water into the fire.  Like the dollar the
Euro doesn’t have a gold backup and in my view is not nearly as strong as even a weaken
dollar.  What surprises and baffles me is why so many even learned economist is so ignorant
of the very basics of economical survival.  

What are they teaching in economic school, many don’t have a clue as to the bartering
foundation?  Their priority is all wrong.  Sure, money is extremely important, but it’s not the
most important thing to survive, people survived long before money was invented.  Many
primitive society even to this day survive without money.  The priority follows in this order;
food, shelter, warmeth, culture, bartering, and then currency (money).  Money only allows a
society to survive more efficiently.  

Even culture in the long run is more important than money.  Without a culture with a strong
nuclear family system and a strong moral code in place money won’t matter because there
won’t be any unity to hold the society together.  I believe civilization would not be where it is
today without the Christian religion and its moral code.  The main reason I believe the
Christian religion has allowed so much advancement is its emphasis on love and

It may seem like a small thing that doesn’t really matter, but without it a society tends to stay
primitive.  Just look around, there are countries that without outside trade and influence
definitely would regress back to the primitive stage, especially culture-wise.  Following
bartering a currency is next in line of priority, but that means a currency that have it value in
itself or a guaranteed backup.  There must be a physical accountability currency to protect a
society’s culture because as human being we are controlled by our greed and self-interest.  

Also, a physical accountability currency would have purged out all of the liberal anti-survival
threats we face today, such as men marrying men, women marring women, illegal aliens with
driving licenses, and on and on.  There has never been a society that changed course even
knowing it is headed toward total disaster, because greed and self-interest coupled with
power concedes nothing.  

Right now with the financial condition this country is in the liberal and even conservative
politicians will never voluntarily stop reckless spending without a physical barrier stopping
them.  It is the nature of man to push the envelope or go the limit unless physical stopped, a
real currency does that.  The stock market, interest rates, and compound interest are all side
issues, it’s like playing the game monopoly in real life unless there is a gold backup.  It just
takes around five generations to catch up with us.  

If a country doesn’t have any fall back underground bartering capacity and a physical
accountability currency it is truly living in a fantasy world.  There has never been and never
will be a government that won’t go broke at some point.  To all of those running to the Euro,
just remember that civilization was built on a physical accountability currency, not wealth
based only on trust and faith.  

A lack of gold backup and the welfare state have destroyed our small farmers and home
gardeners, our underground bartering capacity backup, and our once strong nuclear family
system.  Now, same sex marriages and other anti-survival forces have the power to bring
down the whole system.  The million dollar question is:  Can western civilization survive?  
Sad to say, I have my doubts.  Something will come about, but it may not be
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Jan. 23, 2008
I.  Can The US Prevent A Starvation Crisis?
Food is the number one priority for survival.  In the end food is going to be the real undoing of
this welfare state.  None of the other lesser priorities such as culture, bartering, currency
(money), or even the lack of oil are the deadliest threats to this nation.  The welfare state is
what killed off this nation’s small farmer and home gardeners.  They furnished this nation with
a huge bartering capacity and would have been the backup to sustain this nation during a
financial collapse or
nuclear crisis

They got this nation through the great depression.  Our current welfare state has left us with
almost no bartering capacity or hardly any means of surviving if the government does go
belly-up.  A nation with no bartering capacity is like having a dagger aimed at its heart in terms
of long term survival.  Sure, the huge centralized mechanized factory farms are feeding us
now, but provide almost no national bartering capacity.  They are extremely dependent on
mass quantities of fuel made from oil, and they are hundreds of miles away.   

That means if there are bottle necks or fuel problems, millions of mouths could go without
food.  As it is now this nation could be in grave trouble even with a small national crisis that last over three days.  People could start hoarding and bottle necks could pop up everywhere.  
Yet, I’m seen as a nut case for wanting to be prepared to survival under all conditions.