From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. May 21, 2007
I. Is the day of reckoning near?
A very wise general once said, “Never give an order you know is not going to be obeyed.”   I
think the same truth should be applied to the law.  When I look back and analyze the decline
and destruction of western civilization I believe abandoning the gold standard was the time
bomb.  Nothing else I can think of could have brought down western civilization.  With a gold
standard there would be no welfare state today.  There would be no destruction of the nuclear
family.  There would be no inflationary spiraling.  

There would be no illegal immigration invasion.  There would be no complete moral
breakdown.  The physical boundary of a physical accountability currency would have purged
out anti-survival threats long before they could bring down the whole system.  You know the
economy is completely out of control when the essential workingman is almost starving while
many nonessential professions are being paid millions upon millions of dollars.

The day of reckoning looms on horizon.  However, there is never a set prediction for the
future, man always has the option through his action to determine his future.  “The horse is
out of the barn, the tooth paste is out of the tube, the train has left the station, no need to cry
over spilled milk, a day late and a dollar short, you can’t turn back the clock, or some other
metaphor is how I see it.  

There is no painless way out of sleeping in the bed we have made.”  Not even the fall of the
Roman Empire destroyed western civilization, but I assure you the welfare states can and
will.  The only burdens the government should have in a democracy are the responsibility for
internal and external protection, and a few other administrative costs.  

Then if the private economy goes down the government should still have enough treasure to
survive and regroup.  Otherwise, our government has taken on the burden of supporting the
welfare state and when the economy goes down the masses of dependents will be left with
nothing.  Even now, the government should be weaning itself from burdens and masses of
dependents but is headed in the opposite directions and taking on more burdens.  

In my view it is insane, shallow, and living in the moment.  The only thing that is going to give
western civilization a fighting chance is a lean and mean government with proud,
independent, and self-sufficient nuclear families, otherwise get prepared to start praying
several times a day.  And lastly, you can write me off as a kook but history will be the final
Columnist Freddie L. Sirmans,
Sr. Comments on current events.
Freddie L. Sirmans is not educated, but he is a fairly well read neurotic survivor. His writing is raw, crude, and uncut.
Caution:  Freddie L. Sirmans books are definitely not feel good books.  Read at your own risk the raw buck naked truth.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. June 05, 2007.
Can the street gang issue be solved?
The gang issue like every major issue in the country is only going to get worse.  Sure, the
issue will get pampers and talked to death but in the end nothing with any real teeth will come
about.  We live in a modern age but human nature haven’t advanced for the better, not one
iota.  It is simple you cannot maintain order without discipline and you can’t have discipline
without a bite with teeth.  

Many individuals require no discipline, but never forget one bad apple can spoil a whole
barrel.  I know this article is a waste of my time but somebody needs to tell it like it is.  Our
whole correction system needs to be refocused.  People that break the law and don’t follow
the rules need to be put to work for their own keep.  Instead of spending all of the tax payers
money on expensive prisons, mass private run farms should be set up for anyone breaking
US. Law and I mean everyone, no exceptions.  

Many could still live at home.  Sure, the small percentage of hardcore violent criminals must
be kept locked up tight.  But all of these non-violent drug and petty criminals should be put to
hard labor instead of pumping iron and watching color TV.  That would send a message, then
you wouldn’t see this mass number of people going in and out of the prison system.  Sure,
most think I’m a kook and out dated, but this country is going down and positive results is the
only thing that’s going to save us.   

The same thing applies to the Iraq situation; discipline is the only thing that is going to bring
order.  The million-dollar question is, who is going to maintain the discipline?  I don’t have the
answer, probably no one does.  Maybe have a special runoff type election and let the people
choose, then the winner could declare martial law.  We can’t run, but we can’t afford to pay
the cost in blood and money forever.   We all would like to see democracy take root, but it's
never going to happen without order, first.    
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. June 10, 2007
I.  Can a third party save us?
I recently heard the term “National primary” and it tripped a switch in my brain.  If they can so
easily contemplate a national primary, why not also contemplate a national presidential
runoff.  We have the Electoral College in place as a safe guard, so why not?  Why not have
runoffs all the way up from local to presidential when no one receives more than fifty percent
of the votes?  

No great number of people is ever going to throw away their vote on a third party option,
because without a final runoff it doesn't make sense.  I think almost every country in the
world haves a runoff system, it is the only fair way for everyone.  We are locked in on a course
toward doom and a change of course is the only thing that is going to save us.  

Many have serious doubts about any real change of course unless pressured by a new kid
on the block.  You may not agree, but Freddie L. Sirmans' books don't just talk about a
problem they gives wise solutions.  Some people need to be shaken out of denial or we are
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. June 26, 2007
I. A two headed snake.
In my view solving the illegal immigration dilemma is like trying to charm a two-headed snake.  
It can end up biting a lot of politicians.  Very few actually recognize this issue for what it really
is.  I don’t think this hot button highly charged emotional issue is going to flame down no
matter what consensus is reached.  

Myself, I recognize this emotional charged issue as just plain old fashion sibling rivalry.  And
there is only two ways to heal sibling rivalry, first, through hard but fair discipline, or make
sure there is plenty enough love to go around.  This country actually has a prevailing
dependent mentality just like children in a big family, due to big government dependency.  

Many politicians think an influx of new payers paying into the social security system is a good
thing, but, especially the elderly think just the opposite.  The elderly see the illegals as a threat
to bankrupt social security, which to them is an unforgivable sin that they will not forget.  You
mark my words; these old folks are going to be hell bent on punishing somebody at the polls.

I must have said it a thousand times or more, the immigration invasion is just a symptom.  And
in my view no amount of sugar coating a symptom is going to heal the problem or bring
lasting peace.  No one wants to hear it but freedom as we know it is doomed in this country
unless we private out of this dooms day welfare state.  And politically I don’t think we any
longer have the wisdom or the will to do that.  

I believe within ten years there could be mass civil unrest in this country that could end in
permanent martial law.  All great nations falls from within.  You can seal the border, build a
wall, or a hundred different things, but in my view nothing is going to stop this welfare state
from killing this nation unless it is privatized down.  God save America.         
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. July 06, 2007
I. Them big bad corporations are "Gonna git you."
Recently I chuckled when listening to Ralph rant and rail about all of the big bad corporations
that is ruining the country.  However, I do agree with him on not giving the corporations
welfare.  But, I think he should first answer the question, where would we be without our great
powerful corporations?  I’ll answer it; we would be worse off than the poor third world

In my view the real villain that has taken over is this welfare state that the liberals has enticed
upon this great nation.  The corporations may have a lot of money for civil power but they
can't force their will on the American people.  Never forget that in a free country you can’t
have vast corporate power without government first giving protection.  Corporations don’t
have the power to stop small competitors with low overhead from setting up shop.  

Sure, safety and standards matter, but keeping out small competitors is the main reason
businesses pressures government to set up all kinds of strict codes, fees, regulations, and
mandates.  Government actually loves big business because of all of the license fees and
other charges, plus the social engineering they forces on businesses.  Sure, corporations are
greedy and a lot the things Ralph says are true, but they also are the goose that lays the
golden egg.  

I for one says “Thank God for US. Corporations.”  Poor people don’t get jobs from other poor
From the Desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  August 17, 2007
I. “What’s in a name?”
Here I go again not minding my own business.  I think calling one by his correct name, even
your enemy is a virtue.  Good or bad one’s reputation and whole life image is tied to one's
name.  Sure, the first amendment is the American way which I believe in whole heartedly.  But,
I feel there is something sadistic about consistently referring to someone by a false name
against their will.  “What is good for the goose is good for the gander, the pot shouldn’t call
the kettle black, if you live by the sword, you die by the sword, you reap what you sow,” or
some other metaphor says it best.  Fair is fair.     
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  August 19, 2007
I.  What’s up with the housing foreclosing scare?
Let me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr analyze and dissect the inner working of the US economy.
After the “New deal” the liberals set in motions this inflationary spiraling economy we have
today. Inflationary spiraling is when government gives mass amounts of money to individuals
to meet whatever price the merchants demand, thereby allowing the merchants to dictate the
cost of living. That is a no-no; the cost of living should be dictated by the public’s ability to
pay in the free market place.

That was the beginning of the inflationary spiraling we have today. The first thing is the
government doesn’t have any money unless it is taken from somewhere. That is why
government should stay out of the market place as much as possible and take only enough
funds to run the government and not take on a provider role or any other burdens. In a
natural non inflationary economy the merchants can’t charge more than the poor people can
afford and stay in business because of their numbers.

There are never enough rich people to support too higher prices. Throughout history when
one couldn’t afford to pay he turned first to the extended family, the church, community
organizations, and lastly the government. The government should never have gone past
funding community wise things, such as kitchens and shelters. Giving money to individuals
on an individual basis is the dumbest thing a government can do in a democracy for long
term survival.

It sets up the system we are in today where the merchants need to raise prices higher and
higher to stay in business, and the government needs to raise taxes higher and higher to
support it’s provider role, so the poor can support the merchants higher and higher prices in
a never ending upward spiral. Many hard working people are as much as ten years behind
the curve and are falling farther and farther behind by not getting a raise every year.

If you think that is bad, look at the destruction it has done to the nuclear family, our bread
basket small farmers, our manufacturing base, our bartering capacity, and on and on. But,
here is the real kicker that most American doesn’t think about; this whole system depends on
mass money circulation to survive, whereas a natural free market system doesn’t. If money
circulation slows to a crawl it could collapse the whole system starve us almost to death.

Whether true or not, the old “Sling” expressions of liberals booming the economy with mass
social spending and conservatives booming the economy by fighting wars may not work
anymore. The people are just about taxed out and so much of what we buy is made overseas
that the only thing that really booms the economy anymore is mass building construction.
So, if house building and construction slows to a crawl we will be in for a lot of hurt.

After restocking and paying operating cost the profit margin for some retail businesses can
be as low as three percent. The billions of US dollars going overseas to purchase foreign
made products and merchandise are not circulating back here in our economy. Sure, they
may buy US treasure bonds and some big ticket items, but that’s still not very much
circulation to help boost and keep our economy healthy.  

That is why I rant and rail so hard about our government lessening its burdens through
privatizing. There is no painless way out of the fix our economy is in but at least privatizing is
a step toward sanity and long term survival.

May God bless and keep this great free nation always.
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  August 31, 2007
I.  The Minneapolis Airport Bathroom Gay “Sting.”
“A word to the wise.”  This is a hot button emotional issue because every family that travels
wants safe bathrooms for their kids.  But, the fact is no one can crawl down in the gutter and
expect to come out smelling like a rose.  Obsessing on distasteful behavior leaves decent
people with a bad taste, and they just want it to go away.  Then when it doesn’t they will start
blaming even the messenger or someone.  

The liberal politicians may be secretly smiling to themselves, but this is no laughing matter,
there is no winners in this, that man is a human being.  “Let who is without sin cast the first
stone.”  We are a nation ruled by law, not by emotion, let the law prevail.  I think the biggest
hypocrites of all are the liberal media who obsesses on hype and distasteful stuff, when they
should get a life and move on to the nation’s more important business.
From the Desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Sept. 16, 2007
I. Today: Jan. 03, 2009 Washington, DC. and the
liberals are in charge of all three branches of the US.
government. “Wake up Freddie! Wake up! Wake up!
You were having a nightmare.” Phew! Thank God! It
wasn't for real.
I enjoy watching one white haired liberal TV commentator because he is so genuine and
passionate in his liberal beliefs. I don’t dislike liberals, I’m sure most liberals love this country
as much as I do and feel they are doing what is in the best interest of their country. I have
always felt and still do that most liberals are good and decent Americans.

I'm sure they mean well, but I feel they are just plain shallow and should never be totally in
charge of this great country. Just the struggle to survive a hundred years ago made almost
everyone conservative, and back then the only place you could find a liberal was in a rich
family or maybe on a college campus.

The real solution about life is balance and perspective. This would be a cold hard world
without liberals. Let’s just imagine that liberals are now in charge of all three branches of
government with a filibuster proof senate. Liberals now have it their way to haul ass out of
Iraq at any cost.

“I ask you,” what do you think the liberals think is going to happen? Huh, “I will tell you,” they
don’t know what's going to happen because nobody does. But, I’m going to give you some
worse case scenarios. Leaving before it is stable could collapse the US. economy.

It could cause mass starvation if the US. doesn’t get it’s sixty percent plus overseas oil
supplies. That is because the eighteen wheeler semi's may not be able to roll due to lack of
fuel. It could engulf the whole Muslim world in turmoil and even close the shipping lanes in
the Persian Gulf region.

At the very least, a blood bath will definite take place in Iraq. Whoever is in charge of our great
country should never loose sight of our whole 300 million lives at stake. Only shallow
thinkers will get emotional sidetracked and bring down the whole US economy. Never
underestimate the destruction of shallow liberal thinking.

Now, do you think anyone with great wisdom and depth would just roll the dice and let the
chips fall where they may with the United States Of America's economical survival at stake? "I
don’t. You tell me I'm wrong. I’m listening." With shallow minded liberals in charge, no least
resistance feel good dumb thing can be ruled out.

How do you think this country got into the shape it is in today? Bleeding heart do good liberal
thinking instead of individual responsibility and accountability thinking. I care about pain and
suffering, and have suffered mentally all of my life. I'm fortunate not to be locked away in an
insane asylum somewhere, thank God. Love, happiness, pleasure, or anything will not matter,
if you don't first survive.

May God bless and keep this great country always
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Sept. 16, 2007
I. The hanging noose under the tree in the small town of
Jena, Louisiana.
I’m going to weigh in here against my better judgment because something here needs to be
said even if I’m strung up for saying it.  I want to say up front that I’m against racism in any
form or fashion.  This is America, everyone should have equal rights, equal opportunity, and
the freedom to live and go anywhere they please.  That said, I think Africans Americans need
to correct their focus.        

With all of my flaws I think I am as self-capable and self-proud as anybody.  I don’t need no
one else’s warm spot to feel whole.  I try to make myself and what I do have the best that it can
be.  This is the type of focus African Americans need to nurture, no one is holding us back
anymore.  Thank God those days are gone.  Dedicated blacks and whites endured great pain
and even death for the racial progress made in this country, but now it’s time for African
Americans to take the bull by the horns themselves and move to the next level.  

Only we can make our own life and communities as good as any race.  All people respect self-
pride and self-decency and those that have it don’t need to be who they are not to feel whole.  
Lack of jobs, lack of money, lack of health care and other things is a reality, but one should
never make what they lack their sole focus in life. “To try and keep trying is the greatest of all
virtues.  The world is full of failures even educated ones; determination and persistence alone
are omnipotent.

“Never accept excuses for failure no matter the reason, because if you are looking for a
reason for failure you can always find one.  No winning team ever focuses on losing, it is the
farthest thing from their mind.  

On almost every college campus minority students have their own student union or a place of
retreat, sometimes people just want to be with those they have the most in common with.  In
my view the key to this whole thing is about proper focus.  If we focus on making our own
race the best, there won’t be this need to take our baggage elsewhere.  Unless it’s for a job or
a survival need, I don’t want to go or be anywhere I’m not wanted or accepted.  

However, it is wrong to place harsh and unreasonable punishment on high school kids,
because good values still need to be instilled especially when they are not being taught at
home.  So, how do you like me now?       
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Sept. 16, 2007
I.  The front burner versus the back burner
Everyone knows the mass liberal news media have a one track mind fixation for emotional
hype and sleaze.   What better way for something else to stay off the front burner than to trot
out, “You know who.”  If it doesn't fit you must acquit, just a passing thought folks, no pun
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.  Sept. 24, 2007
I. The Free Health Insurance For All myth.
I want to say up front that I don’t consider myself to be highly intelligent or exceptional
brilliant.  I consider myself to be of average intelligence with above average wisdom.  The
reason liberals are shallow and blind is because hardship and survival struggle haven’t had a
chance to open their eyes and sharpen their survival instinct.  But, like all thing in nature,
there will always be exceptions.  

Hardship and struggle doesn’t enlighten or make every one a saint, in fact it makes a few
more harden and bitter than ever, but that is the exception to the rule.  There is a world of
difference between sheer intelligent and wisdom in the game of survival mainly because of
the factors of perspective and determination.  Here is an example:  Free health insurance for
all.  My God!  I slam my hat on the floor!  Why don’t people wake up!  

It is beyond insane that so many people is chasing falling stars and expecting pots of gold at
the end of rainbows, it’s the same analogy as expecting free health insurance for all, there are
no free rides in this world.  Somebody is gotta pay, and somebody is gonna pay dearly.  The
true fact is the problem with health care in America doesn’t have anything to do with
insurance, we are talking about apples and oranges, the insurance factor is just a phony

The real problem with health care in America is cost, cost, cost, and more cost, period.  In
thirty years the cost of medical care has hit the ceiling went through the roof and not even the
sky is the limit.  Before 1960 there was no health care problem in this country, the best health
care in the world worked just fine, all doctors were rich and happy.  Then the seed was
planted, government started subsidizing businesses that gave their employees free health

Now, government is totally into the medical profession lock, stock, and barrel.  That being the
case, I might as well enlighten you, the best health care system to ever exist in the history of
man kind can only go one way quality wise, I’ll let you decide.  Let me give you another clue,
the liberals are never going to give up until they fulfill their dream of socialized medicine in
From the desk of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr October 02, 2007
I. Why can’t more be done about IED’s?
As you know, certain news events tweak my interest and I make a comment.  Something’s I
should leave alone, but I guess I’m somewhat of a busybody.  The other day I was listening to
this fellow on TV explain that two thirds of the casualties in the Iraq war were from improvised
explosive devices (IED’s).  Like everyone else I don’t have an answer, However I felt a need to
weigh in on this, maybe something I say might make a difference.  

Like the fellow on TV said, it really is an old tactic that is being used in modern urban warfare.  
I believe it is a tactic that is here to stay.  It may be only in Iraq and Afghanistan now, but that’s
not to say it’s going to stay there.  Urban use is where this tactic is the most effective, and
every major city in the world should be concerned.  I believe better means of combating this
menace must be found.  

I know concerning the human mind when there is a will there is always a better way, it just
takes the proper motivation.  If you start with that mindset along with old fashion American
ingenuity a better way will be found.  Obviously, not every nook and cranny in a city can be
made safe.  But, there no reason why something better can’t be found to better protect
thoroughfares and often used roads.  If it doesn’t harm innocent people it should be on table.  

Anything that will work should be in play, no matter how simple.  It shouldn’t matter if it’s low
tech, high tech, or whatever.  Today there are all kinds of dyes, granules, and other things that
can only be seen with a special light.  Maybe something can be put on the side of the road
that show up only on the bottom of the feet or shoe, not on hands or clothes.  This is just a
little brain storming by me; there are people out there ten times smarter than me.  

I think the armed forces should have a suggestion program and give away a sizeable prize
every month for the best idea to combat IED’s.  Sure, there will be many silly and stupid
suggestions but they can be filtered out at the lower level, with only the sensible one going to
the next level.  Of course it may take awhile, but never under estimate the capacity for the
human mind to come up with a better mouse trap, especially with cold cash as an incentive.